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5 x Coconut Bay Body Wash / Shower Gel

SLS & Paraben Free


A creamy, sweet Coconut fragranced Body Wash to have you dreaming of hot beaches, sangria and all things holiday-like!

Our Body Wash can be used on the face, body and hair too! As a shampoo it leaves hair silky soft and feeling fresh.

Totally free from SLS, SLES, Parabens and many other nasties found in 'high-street' products.

Our body wash/shower gels are gentle and mild and are normally very well tolerated by people with sensitive skin, and other dry skin conditions. It took us 6 months to formulate a recipe that we were happy with, using high quality ingredients to make a mixture that foams very well, smells fantastic and feels wonderful on the skin. This one contains lots of pure Coconut Oil too, to leave your skin really soft!

Please note that due to this, the product is quite thin in consistency, similar to a wash but still very very enjoyable and cleansing!

Our prices may be a little higher than other hand made Body Washes available, but please bear in mind the quality of cheaper products. Once our Body Wash is tried, it's never forgotten!

Sold in batches of 5 x 250ml

£10.25 per batch ex.VAT
£2.05 per bottle ex.VAT

Suggested Retail Price: £4.95
PAO: 12M
Weight: 250ml
Quantity per batch: 5

Ingredients for this product will be provided in your order confirmation email.

If purchased unlabelled please follow the labelling guidelines sent to you with your order confirmation. Please note the product will be presented without any labels.


It is with regret that due to changes to EU regulations brought into force on July 1st 2019 we are unable to provide labelling for this product as our professional, waterproof and indelible labels have descriptions such as 'Paraben Free' on them which under the latest legislation is banded for use anywhere in the EU. 

We are working on the latest regulation consultation and what this means for us in a Post EU Exit Britain and once we have clarity on the requirements for UK and EU law in the future we will revise our labelling accordingly.

Therefore, til further notice no labels will be available for our brand. You can still order this product to apply your own branding.

If purchased labelled you will receive this product presented with The Soap Shop branded waterproof label that contains all relevant product information, batch number, ingredients and weight.

Note: 5kg option is supplied in a 5kg jerry can, this option does not include labels, bottles or a pump. Full ingredients will be provided.