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Our Vegan Lip Balm has landed!

We have created our popular Spearmint flavour in our new vegan friendly formula after literally hundreds of requests from our customers to make vegan friendly lip balms. The light, delicate flavour of Spearmint Essential Oil is refreshing and cooling on the lips! 

The texture and feel of this lip balm is very luxurious, it's creamy, deeply moisturising and non sticky. Perfect for treating your lips all year round! It contains cocoa butter and avocado oil for added lip nourishment.

Instead of using beeswax, we have used non animal based rice bran wax in this formula. It doesn't crumble on application and it has a relatively mild taste! A big thumbs up from us.

Perfect for vegan customers to enjoy!

*Please note: These balm tubes are hand poured, and therefore the balm will set with a small dent in the top of the balm in the tube. It looks like a small hole. They are not filled right to the brim of the tube, they contain 5g of product, as a result they will be a few millimetres lower than the very top of the tube. This is due to the formula we use, and due to them not being machine poured. If this is not acceptable, please do not purchase these lip balms. Also, please refrain from winding the balms all the way up when you receive them. They are made to be wound up by a few millimetres to use the product, and then the cap replaced. Once the product has been worn down by use, they are meant to be wound up again by a few millimetres for more product to be used. The cap on the tube allows for this and will protect the lip balm. The lip balm is not meant to 'stick' to the tube and wind up and down fully before being used. As this product is meant for use on the lips it is meant to stay sealed and sanitary and only wound up a short amount when needed.

No liability will be accepted by us and no refunds will be given if you purchase these lip balms, receive them, wind all of the tubes up exposing all of the product, and then cannot get the product to wind back down again. This does not indicate a faulty product, the tubes are meant to be used as detailed above.*

Sold in batches of 10 x 5g

£8.50 per batch ex.VAT
£0.85p per tube ex.VAT

Suggested Retail Price: £3.50
Weight: 5g
Quantity per batch: 10

Ingredients for this product will be provided in your order confirmation email.