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A 1kg bulk pack of our delicious Spearmint Lip Scrub for you to package yourself! For a full description please see the individual listing for this lip scrub.

Please note: Suitable containers for this formula are: PET and glass. 

If you plan to package this product in any other material please ask us for confirmation that your chosen packaging is compatible. It is the law to have a 'Good Manufacturing Practice' document in place detailing your own methods of cleanliness and hygiene surrounding how you package products. A quick google search will provide you with lots of information on the latest cosmetic law. You also need to keep batch number records when you are packaging products yourself. 

Whilst we hold a full Cosmetic Product Safety Report for this formula, meaning this recipe has been assessed as safe for use on the skin and lips, we accept no legal responsibility for products that are packaged under your own brand, outside of our own factory, so please do familiarise yourself with cosmetic laws. 

Sold in 1kg pack, in a bag and then in a bucket.

Ingredients for this product will be provided in your order confirmation email.