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1.2kg Organic Sleepy Baby Bath Soap - Lavender


Organic and free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, colourants and other nasties found in high-street baby products!

This soft and gentle Baby Bath Soap has a very light and fluffy lather to cleanse sensitive little skins. It contains just a touch of Lavender Oil to help little people drift off to sleep at bed time, making this soap perfect to use in the bath.

This loaf has a honey colour due to the Organic ingredients used to make it.

Great for adults with sensitive skin too!

£11.50 per 1.2kg loaf ex.VAT
£1.15 per bar (if cut and sold in 10 bars) ex.VAT

Suggested Retail Price: £3.50
PAO: 36M
Weight: 1.2kg
Quantity per batch: 1 loaf

Ingredients for this product will be provided in your order confirmation email.

If purchased as an unlabelled whole loaf that you wish to cut, wrap and label yourself, please follow the labelling guidelines sent to you with your order confirmation.
To cut a loaf into equal bars of around 110g, please use a ruler and a kitchen knife, and cut the loaf at increments of 2.5cm.

If purchased cut, wrapped and labelled, you will receive 10 bars of a minimum weight of 110g pre cut, wrapped in food grade cellophane and presented with The Soap Shop branded waterproof label that contains all relevant product information, batch number, ingredients and weight.