What do I need to display when selling the products?

You need to state, by trading standards law, the Weight, Price, and full Ingredients list at ‘point of sale’ – this means either on the product itself, or by the side of each product you are selling if it is
not labelled. You will receive information with your order containing the Batch Numbers for each product you order. Batch Numbers are important, as if there is ever a problem with a product, we need to be able to trace it back to a specific batch of ingredients, so we can then notify our supplier, and any investigations needed can be carried out. Batch numbers can be written on Labels, and if you select ‘labelled’ with any of our potted or bottled products they will come with a batch number on them. That said, in the 10 years we have been in business we have never had to trace a problem back using batch numbers, but there is always a first time for everything, so please keep a record of your batch numbers.