Is your packaging recyclable?

We have had a lot of questions about this recently, which is great! The public really are becoming more aware of plastics and the environment.

All of our shrink wrap is both recyclable and biodegradable
All of our plastic tubs and bottles are made from PET and both are easily recycled through normal household recycling bins
The balms and face oils are in amber glass which is also recycled through normal household recycling glass bins
Our bath salts are in kraft paper pouches (recyclable and biodegradable ) and the lining of the pouches is also PET which is recyclable
The bags we wrap our soap in when we send them to you are also recyclable, and our packing chips are biodegradable too.

We are really trying to look into ways that we can cut our plastic use further, but it is quite difficult when dealing with cosmetic products sometimes! We’d love to package our shower gel into cardboard tubs (like milk cartons!) but we know this would lead to problems in transit because they would be likely to get squashed 🙁 But our brains are whirring and working all the time.