How do I cut a soap loaf?

We recommend that you use a large kitchen knife to cut a soap loaf, it is just like cutting cheese!

To get an equal amount of uniform bars from our soap loaves we recommend that you use a ruler to mark out 2.5cm spaces along the top of the loaf. Simply line up your knife and cut downwards, as straight as you can. Using this formula, you will get 10 good sized bars out of one loaf, with each bar weighing around 115g.

Some of our soap loaves will be harder to cut than others, our dead sea soap loaf is a good example of this, as the layer of sea salt on the top of the loaf is quite tough some extra force is needed!

Our soap loaves don’t split apart when they are cut. If you do encounter any of our loaves splitting, please contact us straight away and we will provide you with a full refund for that loaf. Good quality, well made soap will never split when cut.